Membership and Fees


By- Law #2

A. The Secretary on behalf of the membership committee accepts applications for General Membership, Associate/Honorary Membership and Membership for Anavils living outside Ontario. The Executive Committee has the power to remove members for non-payment of dues or for other reasons, which adversely affect the Samaj.

B. Honorary and Associate member shall be:
Non-Anavils interested in the well being of the Samaj. Any paid member can
nominate an individual to become an associate/honorary member with a
recommendation by two other paid members of the Samaj. Only one
nomination can be submitted per paid member per year.

C. Anavils living outside Ontario can become the members of the Samaj upen paying Appropriate fees outlined in by-law #3.

By-Law #3

A. The fiscal year and the membership year will be from June 1st of each year to May 31st of the following year.

B. The annual fees are due on or before June 1st of each year.

C. A family is defined as a husband, wife and unmarried children living with parents.

D. The annual fees shall be as follows:

Family Membership $125 each

Each additional adult member (relative other than Senior Citizens – age 65 and under (of the Family member residing at the same address) $45 each

Dependent Anavil Senior Citizens – age 65& over (Of the Family Member Residing at the same address) $35 each
Independent Anavil Senior Family – age 65& over $90 or $45 each
Single parents with unmarried children living with the parent $65.00
Family Membership for Canadian Citizens living abroad – Same fee structure as above. (Above fees Include Administration fees, 2 picnics, Diwali Dinner and a children program).
Family Membership including Senior Citizens $35.00 each

Each additional adult member (relative of the Family Member residing at the same address) $20.00 each (includes Administration fees only).

Independent Anavil Senior Family – age 65 & over – $30.00 or $15 each

Associate/Honorary Members- FREE

Anavils living outside Ontario – $ 15.00
(includes cost of mailing only)

All paid adult members over the age of eighteen (18) shall have equal rights.


Membership, Eligibility and Dues:
A. All adult Anavils and their spouses shall be eligible for membership of the Samaj upon payment of annual dues payable in advance, as per schedule provided under the by-laws.

B. There shall be three (3) classes of members: General Members and Associate/Honorary Members and Anavils living outside Ontario.

C. Membership should be renewed by the first (1st) of June every year.