Note: The 2002-2003 Executive Committee of the Anavil Samaj of Canada acknowledges and thanks Mr. Jayendra Desai of Mississauga, Ontario for this article.

As a general rule, Indian History has not been well recorded. In instances where it has been recorded, general availability is poor. A lot of it probably lays hidden in private hands.

Foreign visitors did leave records in their own countries and this has been one source. Hence, we have to rely on these few written records and the oral tradition where such history passed on from one generation to another. Such versions are likely to be embellished or inaccurate due to exaggerated or faultily recollection of the history.

My account has been reconstructed from written records of my father, other articles written in the last three to four hundred years, the oral tradition and some logical conjectures. I did not attempt to delve any further back than 1500 AD, as sources are far from reliable.

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