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UPCOMING EVENTS:                                            EMAIL: anavilsamajcanada@gmail.com

Note:  Please note the information  regarding “Anavil Samaj Matrimonial link” below the “Thank You” message.

Dear ASC Members,

Thank you for your enthusiastic support for the Diwali function. We hope for similar support for our future events.

The youth and adults of our Samaj did a phenomenal job in presenting their talent.  Congratulations to all participants, parents and choreographers.  A heartfelt thanks to our youth committee and all the volunteers for their dedicated hard work.

We will let you know about our next event in due course.  Meanwhile have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Thanking You all.


Your 2016-2018 ASC Committee

Dear Members, 

Please find email below from President of Anavil Samaj, Chicago who have started Anavil Samaj Matrimonial link on their web site and suggests us to visit web site provided below. Hope you all find this information helpful. 
” The moment that we all have been waiting for has finally arrived…               www.anavilsamajusa.com website has been developed for the community.  Please register and become a member today. 
This is only to help our community and there is no fee or any charges what so ever.

We have over 500 members now.

I have added a Wedding Planner under Matrimonial to help people plan the wedding properly. I have also added a detailed explanation of all wedding rituals under the section “More Stuff”.  You can upload matrimonial profile for free and browse other profiles for free as well.

May I request you to first register on this website?  When you register, an email authentication will be sent to your email address. You would need to click on the link provided in the email to become a member. Membership is free and to post matrimonial ad is also free. It is meant to help the community. 

Preferred email for registration is either gmail or yahoo mail.

Recommended Browser(s):  Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera

If you are using Internet Explorer and Hotmail you may run into some issues. It is better to use other emails and internet browser.

Please actively participate on the site and send me any useful information/details you might have about the community, our roots, our cultural heritage, our traditions etc so that I can upload it on the website.

Please note that this website should not be only for matrimonial purpose, but rather a portal for our community where we can meet, exchange our views and ideas and make our community better so we all can feel good about it.

We are ready to upload matrimonial bio data on our community website 

You can either log in with your face book ID or you can register on the site. You don’t have to provide your street address if you don’t want to, but name of the city, state and country is required to log in. Photo is must to register so we don’t have to worry about phony and bogus profiles.

Please spread the word in our community and forward this emails to all Anavils you know. I did my part and please do your part.

It is totally free to use. Please keep in mind that all profiles will be automatically become “inactive” after 6 months and if you are still searching for your soul-mate, you would need to log in and make it active again.

Lets keep rolling…let’s make good use of social networking.

Vidyut Desai”