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ASC Diwali Night ~ 2019

Date ~ Saturday, November 9, 2019

~ Venue ~

Bombay Palace Banquet Hall

200 Advance Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 4V5

Note: Time ~ 6.30 PM to 12.30AM


Dear ASC members,

 Saal Mubarak everyone from your ASC committee 2018-2020.

Thank you to those who have already sent in their RSVPs for Diwali Dinner. Those who still haven’t sent in their RSVP, please do so by no later than Monday, November 4th, 2019 as we must provide final numbers to Banquet hall for the proper arrangements.

 Early Bird hours: 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm sharp

Please arrive between this time to be eligible for our early bird prize draw.

Table Booking:

As usual, the table will be booked only under email sender’s name (person who booked the table on behalf of their group) so if you have other members joining you on your table, it’s the email sender’s responsibility to inform them that their table has been booked under your name. Upon arrival at the venue, they must ask for the table number under the sender’s name and not expect to be reserved under their own name. Please make sure members on your table haven’t booked with someone else to avoid a duplicate booking.


If you have already sent in your RSVP and for some unforeseen reason, you are not able to make it to the event, please inform any committee members as soon as possible. No show without any notification to the committee, without any valid explanation, you will be charged the cost of $40.00 as samaj still have to incur this expense on your behalf. Once our final number is confirmed with a banquet hall on Tuesday morning, we have to pay regardless of how many attend so please inform us as soon as you know you won’t be able to make it. We appreciate your understanding and support. 

Membership Dues:

If you still haven’t paid your membership dues, we humbly request you to please do so via e-transfer at anavilsamajcanada@gmail.com anytime now and before the day of the event.

We seek your support so we can avoid line up on the day of the event and our committee can also enjoy the evening.

Look forward to seeing you all on November 9th, 2019!

Thank you

Your ASC committee 2018-2020


Same as the past few years, to help us better facilitate the long-awaited Diwali function – We would like your assistance to ensure that all attending members and guests have adequate seating arrangements for the evening.


This year, our major goal is to collect fees prior to the event and not to have fee collection line up at Diwali event so committee members can also enjoy the evening just like the rest of us. You still have three weeks of time, please e-transfer your membership fees at anavilsamajcanada@gmail.com and call Viren Desai to inform/ or drop your cheque with a nearby committee member. As always, we seek your help and support to make this possible. 


We request everyone to send in your RSVP’s to confirm your attendance. If you are sending RSVP on behalf of someone please make them aware by copying those individuals on your email to avoid duplicate entries.


Please confirm your attendance at anavilsamajcanada@gmail.com also confirm how many adults, children and guests will be accompanying you to the function.

We request you all to send in RSVP by no later than Friday, November 1st, 2019. We need at least a few days to organize the event so everyone must respond by this date.

When you send in your table booking request, please specify the names of each member and then their family members (see format below). This will help us understand who belongs to which family so we don’t double book.

Please provide names in the following order.

e.g: Member name:

Spouse name:

First child’s name:

Second child’s name:

Parent’s names (if they’re accompanying you to the Diwali event.)

Guest’s Names: (if you bringing in any) – Please see rates for guests below.

We’ll be reserving tables only if you have one full table of 10 people. Tables are booked as a first come first served basis so we will book the table as we receive the requests.

Please do not call any of the committee members to reserve your table as only email requests will be acceptable to avoid delays and confusion.

You should only send a request for a table if you have 10 attendees in your group otherwise a simple RSVP in the above format is sufficient. Table will not be booked if request is received for less than 10 names however there will be enough space available for the rest of the members so no need to worry if you don’t have a table of 10 reserved. Even if you don’t want to reserve a table, we still need your RSVP as we need to confirm the final number of tables with Banquet Hall as well as to order the right amount of food, etc.

The table will be booked under the member name who will send us an email on behalf of their group so that member will receive an email from us and then he/she will be responsible to notify his/her group about their table number. Upon arrival at the venue, only mention the name of the person who has sent in an email to reserve a table so it’s easy to locate on the list.

Important Note for Guests & Non-Members:

The following charges will apply to all Non-Members who have not as yet PAID their 2019-2020 membership dues. Please pay your fees prior to the event to avoid paying for non-member charges. If you are expecting guests, please confirm clearly with your RSVP.

We will only able to accommodate those Non-Anavils at our Diwali function whose category falls under this year’s constitution change. As per our constitution, the family of non- anavil spouse is considered anavil family.

Fees for Non-Member Anavils: $40.00

Fees for Anavil Student – $35.00

Children 2& under – Free

We eagerly await your response & hope to see you all for the function. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Thanking You.


Your 2018-2020 ASC Committee